Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Small Town Tour

Introducing........ Me  !

 (I think maybe this post is out of order but oh well it won't be the last time I mess up)
Our Town (s) ~

Small Towns- Beginning With the Present and Then Back Tracking

-  to Briefly Visit some of the distinctive (or NOT)

 Small towns in our family's personal history -
Who knows what order these recollections will be presented..

Don't Anyone Hurry Off
 You have not accidentally come to the wrong blog.
And....don't leave thinking you won't enjoy whatever somebody's Gramma has to share.
Heather has told me you are a young group and we've decided

I will NOT do boring today.

My inner young soul is going to be on display 'just for you'

This was plannedHeather is very much 'at home' here at Stringtown Home and I am 'just visiting' from Like Gramma's House blog per a generous invitation from Heather. Thank you my dear friend. Thank you for trusting me with your audience of 'young followers.'
As my blog title suggests I am a Gramma.  Aside from that I am and have been many other things during this long abundantly blessed life of mine.

 I am a Child of the King..that would be  Jesus Christ-my Lord and Saviour. 

I confess to being passionate about:
  • My faith 
  • My family
  • Home & Garden...I sometimes call 'Yarden'
  • My Blog-writing


I feel so much of this post is redundant However, I am aware

 Many of You Stringtown followers may never have visited or followed

 Like Gramma's House  at  http://mygrammashouse.blogspot.com

This is where I live

I stumbled upon blogging in 2008 beginning with my first effort  Down the Lane and soon moved into Like Gramma's House

My kinda, sorta, half baked  P. L. A. N.  for this series of  Stringtown Home posts is to share information, photos &  observations  regarding Small Town America..at least the versions of small town I have known.

 I don't have the whole trip mapped out yet, just bear with me.  "We are going to take a trip"... So sit tight wherever you are and don't let anything distract you as we grab our  'carry on' and begin this road trip.  I do promise you we won't leave home without a  'road map'...[back to reality it's the GPS in my real life today too..just as it is in yours].

This is almost all our family- As Grands grow up and with changes in families it's  not easy to get them all together even for big events like Christmas...Ethan had a very long distance  travel -he missed the Christmas gathering in 2012. We were also  missing Chelsea/ Carol's daughter.

I think we  all knew our family photo would always be different after this year.

We just might be starting out  in October with the small town in south Alabama where I live or we just may begin in one of the small towns we called home at some point during our early years...Shall I surprise you?

Brundidge, Alabama Can you name the year and model of any of the cars on main street?


Oops, one more last note:  While I dearly love entertaining friends & family I am not THE quintessential cook.  With that said You need not expect me to be regularly posting my very own fabulous recipes...Perhaps someone else's occasionally. I am more likely to share over the top simple but simply fabulous and unbelievably  E  A  S  Y  recipes and great table settings. I do love dressing a table 'to the nines'....whatever that means.  And I must say before I leave and have to post a second post script:  "I am a nut about pretty DISHES.
Soooooooooooooo before I drop into your lives again via Stringtown Home..Grab your favorite coffee Mug or "most prettiest" teacup and settle back in your tranquil space as we  talk about small towns...or small town America..whatever we choose to tag it. 
See you Soon~ * ( Perhaps October-whenever our Blogger Host chooses actually
FYI: When you Visit My Blog  feel free when you have time to browse the PAGES  you see listed below the LGH banner.. for more interesting information and more pictures.

*Even my daughters in law call me Jonell..so by all means make it simply "Jonell"


  1. Loved reading and seeing it all!! Thank you so much for sharing! Fun! Love! Life!

  2. I'll choose maybe 3 or 4 specific small towns in our past to highlight between now and end of the year..thanks Theresa!

  3. Thanks for hosting every week! And thank you so much for featuring my Candy Corn Bath Pouf. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!