Saturday, September 19, 2015

Take Great Home Photos - Tips from a Pro

I'm not sure if you all realize it, or not, but we are putting our home on the market.  We purchased our house to flip and have extra income from, but a one to two year flip ended up being our starter home for five years.  We are so excited about our next chapter, though, and eager to see how well we do at the closing table.

In order to increase our odds of having a profitable outcome, we know that we must stage our home  and showcase it  well.  Because we are listing our home as, "For Sale By Owner," I am trying to make sure that I present it professionally, despite the fact that I have no experience in real estate (aside from being a first time home buyer - ha!).

So, I have been doing some research online, and I am delighted to share these fantastic tips via a contributor on Houzz.

Regardless of whether you are staging a home to sell, or are a home blogger, etc., these are all fantastic tips for photographing a home well.

Happy Saturday, y'all!

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