Friday, September 11, 2015

Horse Farm For Sale - Radnor Hunt Farm

I love to peruse the internet, looking at houses for sale.

When I stumble upon one that is loaded with character, my mind wanders to a place where I can imagine myself owning it.

This horse farm was no exception.  Oh, to make this house my own!  I would love to put my stamp on it.  And, if walls could talk, I'm positive that these could tell a story....

The stone farmhouse is surrounded by over 30 acres of farmland. 

The formal entry hall is stately and poised to welcome family and guests.

The antique pieces throughout the home pull the imagination to days gone by. 

The Fox Den Library looks like a wonderful place to retreat.

And, the exposed wooden beams of the great room anchor a rather large space, perfect for entertaining guests.

The master bedroom looks as if it is staged for royalty.

The master's dressing room boasts a large area, fit for a queen.
I could see myself drinking coffee in that very spot.... watching out over the sheep grazing in the back field.
Sigh.  One day.  One. day.
((In my dreams... haha!))
Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  1. Okay, friend you need to get need at least 5 MORE LITTLE fill that house!

  2. What a beautiful stone house and the property...aahhh...