Sunday, September 13, 2015

DIY Painted Girlfriends Goblet

One of my friends celebrated her birthday, and I wanted to whip up a fun favor for all of my BFFs that would be there.

These were so cheap & easy, and they were a hit with all of the girls!
I started with a goblet from the Dollar Tree (hello $1 glassware)..
Grabbed some glass markers from the craft store:

Came home, and doodled my heart away.... I wrote each lady's initial, added polka dots to the glass, drawn confetti, and "BFF" all over the goblet.

Then, I added purple shred to the bottom of the glass and filled the goblet with candy....
I added a war head candy, because, "I'd go to battle for you!".... a sweet tart chew, because, "We're a little sweet & a whole lot of sour!".... a laffy taffy, because, "We have so many great laughs!"... and, a ring pop, because, "Every girl needs a little bling!".
It was so fun!
Do you have a friend that you'd like to honor with a quick & easy, but meaningful gift?  This one was so simple!
((PS - I'm sharing the clip art for the print out I used.  Simply right click the photo below, save it to your computer, and use it any way you'd like - It is a picture file.))
Hope you're having a fabulous week!
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