Wednesday, September 9, 2015

17 Stunning Fall Wreaths

If you're new here, then you may not know that Stringtown Home originally was the name for my wreath making business.

It blossomed into a blog.... a site that covers so many topics that I have a difficult time deciding what blog niche it falls into....

Anyway, I'm chasing a rabbit.  Back to wreaths.

I love wreaths.  And, I've always thought it was therapeutic to make them.... the tedious crafting that goes into each one is all consuming.

But, regardless of difficulty, I think they bring so much style to the front of a home, inside as a statement piece, etc. 

I've rounded up 17 fall wreaths I found on the web that deserve to be in the lime light....

I love how simple this first wreath is.  It has the gorgeous colors of fall, and makes the entry seem so inviting.  I found this wreath on Etsy.
Burlap is a fall staple.  Now, you can find the material in so many different prints.  I love the way that the Etsy shop owner used different prints to make a bold statement.
Dried hydrangeas (I'm almost positive these are silk, made to look like dried) are gorgeous when used in fall décor.  This Etsy shop owner did a superb job of selecting colors and textures to create an elegant wreath.
And, this is a mixture between the hydrangea wreath and burlap.  The monogram adds a beautiful personalized touch.
Everyone will expect a treat when they knock on your door and see this on Halloween night.  Whimsical touches make this wreath cute, cute, cute!
And, again, this wreath mixes wonderful textures and florals together to catch your eye. 
This wreath is a bold, floral design that marries all of the appropriate fall colors together.  Just beautiful.
Though it isn't your typical round wreath form, this pumpkin wreath is precious. 
And, sometimes something as simple as corn husks can make a bold statement. Naturals are always a hit in fall décor.
And, nothing says fall like autumn leaves. 
Another step away from the typical wreath form, this door hanging has great texture and form.
This wreath would be easy to make in the piney woods of East Texas.  It proves that décor doesn't have to put a strain on your budget.  I love this gorgeous pine cone wreath, and with just a simple switch of ribbon, you could utilize it for the Christmas season, too.
There are so many wonderful textures on this wreath, and the trio of pumpkins in the bottom right are the icing on the cake.  Neutral fall décor is beautiful in my opinion.
Candy corn.  This wreath is speaking my language.  The bold colors and creativity will speak volumes to guests waiting at your door.
And, aren't the colors in this felt leaf wreath beautiful?!  The blue against the traditional fall colors pops!
Book pages are so delicately and uniquely crafted into a stunning wreath.  I can imagine I would use this year round.
And, lastly, this potpourri wreath.  Though it be simple, it is stunning.  I can only imagine the fragrant spices wafting from it.... oh, glorious fall!
Aren't they all gorgeous?!
Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!
((PS - If you'd like to pin an individual wreath that was featured here, please do so from the originating site.  If you'd like to pin the roundup, please use the image below.  Regardless, please give credit where it is due.  These wreaths are only features, and not my original work.))

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  1. Have I already told you.....I would take at least 6 of those beautiful wreaths! Actually closer to 10 I absolutely luv, luv, luv....NOT LOVE, but more than LIKE, lol