Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oh Honey! - 10 Benefits of Honey

I love buying local honey.  I purchase it at the feed store by the quart.
I mix it with apple cider vinegar for a wonderful detox drink..


But, did you know there are an array of other benefits that honey provides?

Here are 10 Benefits of Honey:

1.  Acne:
Honey has natural antiseptic properties.  Honey will help clear, soothe and heal your skin.  To use honey as an acne treatment, simply scoop out a portion of the liquid gold, and apply to the face, as needed.

2.  Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease:
Because it contains flavonoids (antioxidants), it can reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

3.  Reduce Coughs and Throat Irritation:
 It has been notated after taking one dosage of honey, many see relief from cough.  It can be added to a warm cup of tea, for an extra soothing affect.

4.  Probiotic:
 Because honey contains "friendly" bacteria, a spoon full of honey a day, could keep the doctor away.

5.  Blood Sugar Regulation:
Because of its makeup of equal parts of fructose and glucose, honey actually helps regulate blood sugar.


6.  Reduce Ulcers and Other Gastrointestinal Disorders:
Perhaps due to its anti-fungal/antiseptic properties, honey has been known to reduce inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract - often caused by ulcers and other disorders.

7.  Eyesight and Weight loss:
 Honey has an ability to reach the deepest tissues of the body, enhancing healthy living and restoring the body to a healthy state.

8.  Vitamin Benefits:
Honey contains Vitamin C (great for immunity), calcium (for bones) and iron (for the circulatory system).

9.  Increases Red Blood Cell Count:
Mixing honey with water and drinking it, can increase red blood cell counts, and increase oxygen levels in the blood system.  That, in turn, will increase energy levels.

10.  Great Alternative to Sugar:
Many man made sugars that are available in the super market have damaging, long term affects on the user.  Honey provides a natural, organic option for sweetening foods and drinks.

So, there you have it - 10 Benefits of Honey.
 ***Keep in mind, it is not recommended to give honey to infants, and it is suggested that you consult your doctor if you have any concerns with or anticipation of a reaction from honey.***
((PS - I've created a board just for honey on Pinterest!  Check it out, below...))
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  1. Great informational post Heather...Honey is a staple on my shopping list. Thanks for reminding me I need to mix up a pitcher full of wonderful, healthy spa water that includes honey! And I always prefer honey in my hot teas.

  2. I read the benefits of honey some place, and ordered some from But I need to find local honey for better benefits I'm sure.

  3. This is my first visit and it looks like I'm just in time for some good advice :-)