Friday, July 24, 2015

Courtyard by Marriott - Nassau Bay, Texas

When we decided to go away for the weekend to Kemah and Galveston, 
I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a hotel.

So, I hopped on, and put in my bid. 

We went to the beach on Saturday, and drove 30 minutes toward Houston to Nassau Bay, Texas.
We stayed at this gem of a hotel, then only had a quick 7 minute drive to the Kemah Boardwalk the next day.
Just call me Clark Griswold... I've got this vacation thing down!

Anywho.... back to the hotel.

If you're staying at a hotel with a rambunctious four year old, I highly suggest one with a great water play area.

This one did the trick!


Karlee LOVED the splash pad.  It was a nice option for parents with really little ones, as the pool was busy and full.

There were so many nice lounging spots outside... 

And, almost directly inside the door, seen in the above photo, was the lobby bistro.  They offer an array of dishes (appetizers, dinner, etc.), coffee or hot teas, and cold beverages, as well.  There were several who ordered their drinks and were watching the Astros play the Rangers on the televisions around the lobby.

It is a very comfortable, no stress environment, and there are so many different lounge areas that you never feel as though you are intruding on another patron.
The morning bistro attendant, McKinsey was so sweet, and the girl makes a mean macchiato and dirty chai.  The hubby and I had them chilled and sipped them as we watched the little one get one last hoorah in at the swimming pool before heading out to the boardwalk.

(The above photos were used from their website.  I was having so much fun, I forgot to take pics of the pool/bistro area...)

And now... drum roll, please... (ha!)
the room...

That. bed.
That sweet, king sized, hunk of burnin' love bed.
I'm pretty sure it has a magic touch.  My head hit the pillow and the world stopped turning.

It. was. fabulous.

Our regular king room came with a sofa bed.  It was perfect for a four year old little girl.
The tv was front and center, and she watched cartoons until her little heavy eyes couldn't take anymore vacation fun.  

And, though our little coffee/fridge station didn't have a microwave, there was one provided in the lobby...

Everything was nice and tidy and the staff was overly sweet - I mean, seriously excellent customer service...
I used the bidding tool on Priceline, which is a little scary, but it definitely worked in our favor for this trip.

This was a great place to lay our heads on our quick little family vacay...

I'm pretty sure the Griswolds would consider it a success!



  1. Great post Heather...maybe you should consider another line of work?????? btw did you have to ask for extra pillows or extra towels..That's usually my first request pillows b/c ...well JUST BECAUSE LOL..It just feels luxurious having lots of pillows. Good job lady!

  2. Looks like everyone had fun in the sun! Love your blog description up there. Clever!