Tuesday, July 14, 2015

20 Southern Sweet Tea Recipes


This plain, sweet tea is a staple at most southern dinner tables.  If you like sugar, go with two cups, but if you're like me and just want to taste the sugar - not heavy - go with 3/4 or less of a cup.

During the hot, summer months.. blackberries are growing like crazy in the south.  You can use some as a mix-in for your tea! 

This is one of my husband's favorite sweet tea recipes!

How fun would this be to serve for a brunch or backyard garden party?

One of my favorite restaurants serves peach tea... so good!

Fruit, as you can tell, is a wonderful addition to iced tea!

We love watermelon at our house - especially during summer time!
This sounds like a yummy drink, perfect for a hot day.

This sounds so refreshing!

This is a fun twist - use sweet tea for this yummy dessert!

This is another great dessert made from delicious, southern, sweet tea.

This looks like a wonderful dish to serve for a summer lunch.

And, this dish would be a wonderful dinner, paired with a salad and - sweet tea!

Once again... a perfect blend of a tart citrus bite against a sweet strong tea.

Oh. my. word.  I know that I would love, love, love this dish... pecan pie & sweet tea?  Hello!



This is delicious poured over ice cream and served with salted nuts... a simple sundae!


Do you have any sweet tea recipes?

I hope you enjoy and try some of these recipes!




  1. I've never heard of sweet tea pie, but all these look fantastic. Today I did iced coffee! I'll pin these!

  2. What an absolutely delightful post of pictures and recipes Heather. Makes me ask myself "Why would we ever want a plain Jane iced tea ever again?" And nor have I ever hear of a sweet tea pie...I N T E R E S T I N G

  3. oh my now I'm hungry. I love sweet tea but it is almost never served here in New England. So, your recipes will come in handy. I think I will start with the peach, that's my favorite.