Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

Humor me a minute, y'all.

Who knows... maybe my husband slipped some truth serum in my morning coffee.
But, it is time that I am honest.

My office looks like a pigsty.
It is so bad, one of my friends followed me back there one day (I usually keep the door closed, and slip in and out), and she made the comment, "Oh!  This is your storage room, huh?!" 

hahahahaha!  It. is. a. mess.

These are my nemeses:

-Mail (I have a horrible habit of laying junk mail down, rather than going through it when it comes out of the mailbox.  I promise - that stuff multiplies!)
-Holiday decor (I have stacks of holiday decor in tubs that need to be placed in the attic.)
-Craft Projects (I hate putting up projects when I am in the middle of them.  But, leaving them out creates clutter.)
-Craft Supplies (I need more organizational pieces.)
-Hubby's Hobby Items (My husband has always collected sports cards.  He has three GIGANTIC tubs of sports cards that he needs to sort through.  Those are stacked in that room.)

Add all of that up, and you get one, messy room.

So, here are some ideas I've been compiling from around the web to organize my space:

Though I don't have the space for extremely large pieces, I do love the purposefulness of this piece.  There is so much storage, and she is utilizing it well.

2.  Anna from "Ask Anna" shared her dining room turned office, and gave great tips for organizing that space.  Once again we see a fabulous amount of storage space... something every home office needs, in order to remain clutter free.

3.  Chelsea from Two Twenty One shared her home office makeover.  It is a drastic, beautiful transformation.  I love the lines of the furniture pieces she used.  They are so clean and simplistic, they offer a clutter free appearance, as they aren't bulky and obtrusive. 

4.  BHG shared this great, budget friendly storage tip - wrap cans (coffee cans, vegetable cans, etc.) in a scrapbook paper.  They are great for storing utensils in the office, such as scissors (pictured), pens, pencils, threads, lace, etc.

5.  Another great hack, shared by BHG - a shower caddy turned office supply organizer!  So inventive!

The tips I've gathered from viewing such awesome spaces and ideas:
1.  Each piece needs a purpose.
2.  Ample storage helps reduce clutter.
3.  Clean lines help simplify the space.
4.  You don't have to break the bank to have fabulous results.
5.  Think outside the box - many organizational pieces that are intended for other use can be employed for use in your home office.
6.  A place for everything, and everything in its place.

Now... I'm off to put these ideas to use.

My husband has strict instructions to check on me when he gets home.... 
Just in case I am swallowed up in the junk mail!

Happy Organizing!

PS - Please remember to pin directly from the originating source.  We want to give these fantastic bloggers the credit they deserve...

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  1. Oh dear Heather you are delightful...the HONESTY, THE HONESTY...When I first had a glimpse of the pictures for the post I said to self: DON'T TELL ME THAT'S WHAT HER SPACE LOOKS LIKE!

    When the blog subject is on where we create....I am at a loss. I have no place to create. Truthfully the only picture I could post for a subject like this is one of those great Harrison House photos...I work in the computer room and I have a P L A N for clearing out some space...making it more ME FRIENDLY. That will require relocating {out of the house[ the small Ted desk then moving onto another wall the real computer desk..moving the [recently acquired] wicker settee to the freed up wall space ...finding a home for the oak Ted built book case and trying a wicker folding screen angled behind the wicker settee. The old old desk chair remains near to door leading to the deck. and just to prove I actually have a P L A N...THE WALL AREA above the settee's new home will become a serious PICTURE WALL.

    In the meantime the door to the C room is where all the respectable house cleaning STOPS right now....There..that should make you feel better.] and I didn't ever broach the subject of what is in and what has to go from the storage closet there}

    1. I hate to admit it, my office isn't looking much better than it was the day I wrote this post! LOL! Someday I'll tackle that beast. I gotta get moving!

  2. It sounds like out offices could be twins! Unfortunately, mine could definitely be mistaken for a storage room. I love the spaces you've chosen for inspiration. So functional and pretty!

    1. Aren't they so pretty!? One day! I've gotta do some serious work if I want my space to look like those... LOL!

  3. This spurred me on to get my office/sewing room organized too! I'm getting claustrophobic with all the mail around me LOL