Sunday, June 28, 2015


Life is crazy in our home right now...

I haven't talked about it much on the blog (I'm not sure if I've talked about it at all), but, my parents, my husband and I have started a construction company.

That has been fun... challenging at times (as most new business ventures are), but fun.

The opportunity has given us more time to be with them.  They own a feed store, too, and Karlee loves to visit, because (aside from the fact that she adores her Pa and Mimi) there is a sno cone stand in their parking lot.... and Pa drives heavy equipment some, and lets her ride along. 

Its a little country girl's dream.  

It is getting so hot in Texas... and it is only June. 
I'm afraid that August may be brutal!

I've been doing a lot of canning, and have been working on my classroom.

This fall I will be teaching history and science at a private school.  I am excited, as I will be teaching alongside my sister, and will be in the same school system as my little one. 

Fun, but busy, busy times.

I'm living vicariously through my brother.  He's completing an internship in Seoul, South Korea this summer.
He's the world traveler of the family.... lived in Turkey, now South Korea, and has traveled to so many more foreign lands.... Love you little brother!

Lastly, (ha!  This is a completely random post, huh?!) don't forget about the "Stringtown Home: Southern Recipes & Good Old Fashioned Living" Facebook Group.

It isn't just a page for my blog.... it is a group where everyone who joins can add their own links to favorite recipes, there have been gardening tips shared, craft ideas, etc... anything that tickles your fancy (and is family friendly, of course!).

I hope you're having a fun filled week!
See ya back tomorrow, for the Tips & Tricks linky party!



  1. Random is ooooooookay Heather..great informational update...sounds like a lot of C H A N G E S in the Graham family-looking fwd to what you will all be doing.

  2. O, I have random posts called BITS AND BOBS all the time...that's the way my mind works...jumping all around. :)
    Good luck in your new business venture...exciting. :)
    We are burning up in our part of Texas, too.

  3. I love random :) You definitely have a full plate! Good luck with the new job and the business venture.