Saturday, June 13, 2015

Instagram Saturday

It's Saturday - I thought I'd share some of my Instagram photos from the week, and give a little explanation for them...

Cause, ya know... some of them aren't self explanatory.

I'm random like that.

Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate - Recipe here.

She was eating a cucumber that she picked from the garden.

If I don't watch her... she eats it right off of the vine - no washing.  haha!

I'm digging this chalkboard in my parents' feed store... I've already found a place for it to hang on my wall..
(hopin' my mama will take a hint... wink, wink!)

I love putting her hair in pigtails!

And, we had an ice cream sundae bar.... checkin' items off of our summer bucket list.

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Happy Saturday! 


  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing them..the strawberry lemonade makes me wish I had fresh strawberries in the house when I made lemonade last night! Is it as GOOD AS IT LOOKS? Your 'baby' is growing so I guessing right that she's got the "tall" DNA gene from Gary? She looks T A L L

    1. She is so tall! Since birth she's always been in the top percentile for height, and bottom for weight. Maybe she'll be a rich model one day... haha!! The lemonade is fabulous! We've made two pitchers, already! I'm going to have to start rationing it, if I don't want it all gone in a month!

  2. I also love the chalkboard!! It's awesome!

    1. My mama is determined to hang on to it... I don't guess I blame her.. :(

  3. Thanks for stopping by for a piece of Lemon cake...:)
    Lovin' that chalkboard.....steal it. :)

    1. That lemon cake looks delicious! My husband my argue that my purse is big enough to stuff that chalkboard inside! I may grab it and make a run for it, before its all over... LOL!