Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I've Got The Blues....

....I've unintentionally been adding blue... everywhere!
I found a set of aqua (vintage, I think - anybody know what it is called?) glassware at an estate sale..
Then, I painted a chippy cabinet to sit atop the red dresser, put the glassware in it, and some clear Christmas lights....I love the glow it puts off at night. 

I got the glassware for a steal...
I'm addicted to yard sales/estate sales for that very reason....
Like little birdies say - cheap! cheap! cheap!
I tucked a metal arrow inside on the top shelf, but I have plans to move it to my office, once that room is finished...
Vintage suitcases are stacked in the corner, on top of a column my hubby built.
On top of the suitcases are my Papa's boots.
He wore them for "fancy" occasions.  Haha!
He was County Judge for 18 years, and was a chicken farmer/rancher.
Cowboy boots were always appropriate. ;)
(Notice they are going in opposite directions?  I had to lean them that way, so they would stay put.  I'm going to add some vintage sewing patterns to the inside to stiffen them up, give them stability, and add some character bursting from the top - like a cowboy boot gift package!  I promise, though, he did wear them on the right feet... haha)

And, lastly - another blue touch in the dining room.... the chandelier is aqua!
It makes me happy, happy!

I've always said that my favorite color is red - I'm finding, though... I don't have a specific favorite - I just like bright colors!

There's no denying that I love me some blue!

Do you have a favorite color, or are you like me... love 'em all?!

Have a happy day!


  1. the glassware makes me think ICE OR ICY..Very very pretty Heather

  2. That's a great set of vintage suitcases!