Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dear 20 Year Old Me,

You've made it to 31... the skin of your teeth, but you made it.
The people surrounding you... 
most of them won't be around when you make it here.... though you'll still consider them friends.
You'll learn that those plans you're making... some will fall through.
...none of them turn out exactly how you think they will..
Life has ups and downs... you'll learn to just roll with it.
You'll learn that you're stronger than you think you are...'ll face some of the scariest moments of your life...
... and you'll survive.'ll still love sweet tea and summer nights, be terrified of swimming in water that you can't see the bottom, sing at the top of your lungs in the car (though now, you have a four year old who sings right along with you), make an ugly face when you cry, change your mind in a moment's notice, be a "shove everything in the closet" kind of cleaner, watch General Hospital, dread exercise and going to the dentist, love animals and have way too many, and you'll be back in college - finishing and trying to fix what you're messing up at 20. will have met the love of your life, and no - it's not one of the guys you're working so hard to catch their attention... your husband is 10 times better! will have given birth to the most beautiful little girl, who is a rambunctious, full of life miracle.  She's going to forever be your hero, and defied all of the odds (some of which she was not suppose to survive) placed against her.... in leaps and bounds! will learn to be comfortable in your own skin, especially when you look back and see how beautiful you really are at 20, though you think you're a train wreck.
...though these years will be full of blessings and joy, they will come with moments of sorrow, too... you will learn that life is truly a vapor - you'll lose some of the most amazing people in your life within these next 11 years. 
(Doesn't everybody play airplane with their little brother?!)
Don't deny yourself the lazy days... the moments of laying on your back and watching clouds.  Savor the late nights with the ones you love... inhale the beauty of it all.... 
Because, though it may seem a lifetime away, you'll soon be sitting where I am sitting, and 20 will seem like yesterday.
Happy birthday 20 year old self!   Enjoy it, but know, 31 is so much better!


This weekend has been so fun!

((Sorry for the poor pic quality.  I had to use my cell.))

We went to one of our favorite local mexican food restaurants on Friday, Rancho El Jaripeo.
This is a hole in the wall hot spot... a mom and pop place that is so stinkin' yummy!
I had the Pechuga Monterrey.... It. is. delicious, and there is so much on your plate, you can always count on leftovers!  YUM!

It is definitely a heavy dish... a real (only can have it once in a blue moon) treat!

I love that you can tell that everything is made in their kitchen - no premade stuff!

Homemade salsa...

Homemade Borracho Beans...
Then.... ((I feel like I've eaten all weekend.. ha) we went to Ralph and Kacoo's last night to eat on the patio and hear some live music. 
It was a night of fun - dancing, singing, and my sweet little family.
I had the Shrimp Brochette.
AAH!  It was heavenly!
Gary had the Cajun Primavera.... blackened crawfish and shrimp over a bed of pasta and veggies...
We shared both plates.  haha!
And, for dessert... Godiva Cheesecake!
Good grief at all of the food photos!
Rancho El Jaripeo is located in Huntington, Texas
and, Ralph and Kacoo's has several locations - Baton Rouge, La, Lufkin, TX, Shreveport, La, and the newly opened location in Mobile, AL.  (I'm not sure why they chose Lufkin, but I'm so glad they did!  haha!)
Anywho!  I'm off to celebrate some more... My sweet friends are meeting us tonight.
I am so blessed with a corner of the world that is full of people who love me!
How did I get so lucky?
Happy Sunday!


  1. Ohmy totally D E L I G H T F U L....yes - I loved reading it. But really I did not realize you were 31..I was thinking two or three years less. Really!

  2. Well happy birthday however old you are!