Saturday, June 6, 2015

Book Review - "No Place Like Home" by Mary Higgins Clark

I just finished No Place Like Home, by Mary Higgins Clark.
She has been one of my favorite authors since high school.

I've had a bit of a lull in my reading, but am so happy to have determined to set apart a few moments everyday to devote to a good book.

Reading is such a calming pastime.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, No Place Like Home.
Mary Higgins Clark is known for writing a riveting, suspenseful piece, and this one did not disappoint.

With every page turn, I was on the edge of my seat.  

Celia Nolan, the main character, believes that the evils that disrupted her childhood are long buried in the past.  Once called Liza Barton, as a child, Celia had it all.  She came from a wealthy, loving family, and really a life of perfection.  However, at ten years of age, life as she knew it, came crumbling down.  Her loving father died suddenly, and her mother remarried an abusive, angry man.

Ted Cartwright, her stepfather, went into an angry rage.  In an attempt to save her mother's life, little Liza grabbed her father's gun and fired several rounds, wounding Ted and unfortunately taking the life of her mother.  Despite her acquittal from the juvenile court system, little Liza was labeled "Lizzie Borden", the name of the infamous child murderer.

In an attempt to escape that awful reputation, and provide her with some semblance of a normal life, little Liza was renamed, "Celia", and given up for adoption.

Despite the attempts to recover from such a horrible history, the pains from little Liza's past would resurface in an unexpected way.  Celia's husband, Alex, has purchased the very house that she had killed her mother in, and gifted it to Celia.

The days that follow are gripping.  People who are close to Celia are found murdered, and the prime suspect becomes Celia.  Things aren't always what they may seem, though.  The ultimate question becomes, has Lizzie Borden reared her ugly head?

As Celia struggles to prove her innocence, she and her little son are stalked by the killer.
Most of the characters you meet will become suspicious.  No Place Like Home is full of shady murder suspects, captivating story lines, and a gripping reality of the loss of innocence.  It really is a great read.

Five stars!

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  1. You got my attention...good job Heather-have never read this- mmmm what time does my local library close?

    1. :) Good book! I hope you get it. I'm really trying to take time to read. It relaxes me to be able to sit at night and read.

  2. Sounds like a riveting thriller, Heather! I used to read every book she wrote. But I haven't read her in awhile. She was always so good. I'm SO glad you've gotten back into reading. I know it's hard with a child. You'll be very happy you did.

    1. It was so good.... I'm such a MHC fan - and she didn't disappoint with this one. Good read! I'm thoroughly enjoying reading, again..

  3. Great review, Heather!

    I really need to get back into reading. Well, at least reading something other than a cookbook lol

    Have a great Sunday!


    1. Haha! I spend a lot of time looking through my cookbooks, too!