Thursday, May 21, 2015

Potatoes, Earthworms, and One Roly Poly

I feel guilty saying this, because I know that so many people are desperate for rain right now, but I'm so tired of rain!
It has gotten so bad that my husband hasn't worked for two days this week (which means, bad paycheck), roads are flooding, and MY POTATO CROP WAS RUINED! (I say that as I stomp my foot... y'all, I'm just sick of rain)
I've known for a couple of weeks that the potatoes were getting too much water/not enough sun.
The vines were slowly turning yellow.
Today, I went out, and it was obvious that they were not producing anymore potatoes.
So, the hubby and I decided to dig up what we could.
I know, I know... there is a reason for everything.  I suppose potato farming just wasn't in the cards for us this year...
Thankfully it's 2015, and we can run to the store to grab a bag if we need to.
But, I was pretty excited to see what we had.
Do I think that the method of growing them was what caused the small crop?
No... absolutely not.  These shouldn't have been ready to harvest for a while.
We have had so much rain, it killed the vines.
Dead vines = less potatoes
I'm going to try the method again, next year.
My mom's are still doing well, so I'll report her results when she harvests her tower.

You better believe, though, these will be the yummiest potatoes I've ever eaten.
I'm sure of it.
I did have a happy husband and little one, though...
He found a bucket load of fishing worms...

And, the little one found a roly poly.  Can you tell she's been digging in the dirt?  Check out those nails.... (((Shivers)))

Whoever has been doing the rain dance in my neck of the woods can stop.


  1. In the wise words of one of my gardener friends: " NEXT YEAR"

    1. Yes ma'am! I'm going to have about ten potato towers next year... I'm determined to grow potatoes! LOL!