Sunday, May 31, 2015

Glass Houses

My thoughts tend to churn in the wee hours of the morning, hence the 3:00 (ish) posting time.

I'm exhausted from the day's travels (well, yesterday's, now).  We spent the day migrating through estate sales, then on to the farmer's market.  After my feet began to cry to go home, along with my four year old, we settled in for a movie night and making some homemade pickles.

Perhaps I had too much coffee yesterday.  Or maybe it was too much fun.
Too much of something has stirred me from my sleep, and I will undoubtedly regret it come seven in the morning.

This morning, though, during my bout of insomnia, I have meandered around the net, and have read several pieces that I have stumbled upon on social media and blogs, and I'm noticing a trend.... glass houses.

Perhaps it was the birth of Pinterest, or maybe the monetization of blogging?  Who knows?  Regardless, there are glass houses, everywhere.
Everyone has an opinion about how things should be done, and they believe they are doing it the right way, and maybe I am standing in my own glass house, as I type this post.  I blame it on the early morning hours.

Anyway, I see these sad, sad judgmental tirades that are being forged by authors around the web about how a mother should or shouldn't parent.... how a party should be planned, or shouldn't... how a blogger should or shouldn't blog.  Someone thinks that their peers are being excessive, and others think that their counterpart should step it up.

I've been guilty of this, myself.... judging moms for the lavish parties, crafts, etc. ...grumbling when a successful blogger lands a deal with a huge brand.... 
I've also been one to question a mom's parenting skills, a blogger's dedication to their site, etc. 

Something I am finding, and have often felt myself, is that people get lost in the monotonous banter.  Relationships are broken because of petty personal preferences (say that three times really fast), and hands are tossed into the air, in a frustrated surrender... it is easier to throw in the towel and not try at all, than to fight an endless battle.

The moms who bicker about how things should be done simply, in one area, are excessive in another.
Likewise, bloggers who are critical of other sites, tend to have areas of their own that can be frustrating.

My point?  Let it be.

Channel your inner Beatle, and Let. It. Be.

For crying out loud, there are families displaced across the globe because wars are raging.... flood waters rising... droughts tearing away at resources... earthquakes... hurricanes... 
the list could go on.

And, as these horrible things are raging all around us, we sit in our glass houses, consuming ourselves with criticizing petty details.

Dance the dance, wherever it may take you.  If you have a knack for crafting, craft away.  Send your child to school with a class treat that could give a celebrity swag bag a run for its money.  By all means, if your blog lands you a television show... carpe diem, baby!

But, if you find that you glue your fingers together better than you can craft, or feel your blog is just a daily journal of what is happening in your tiny piece of the world... something that only your mom will read... you're dancing just fine.  Enjoy it.  

Live a life that you love... and ((I'm going to try harder, too)) lets encourage, build up, edify our fellow man.  Moments are fleeting.  Hearts are tender.

And, lets face it.  There are bigger fish to fry.

Good morning, y'all!


((PS - I know, I'm preaching to the choir.))

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