Friday, May 1, 2015

Gardening & An Earth Box

Is there a support group for a gardening addiction?
If so, I really need to make it to a meeting.
Pretty sure I overheard my husband on the phone planning an intervention...
It's bad, y'all.

This is what the front of my house looks like right now...
more plants.... and everything has a light dusting of potting soil.
Pure bliss...

I go to the gardening center at my parent's feed store, and these things start talking to me.
Seriously... I speak plant.  I'm sure that Rosetta Stone is working on a "How to Speak Plant" series.

I'm excited to try out this new planter I got.
It's called an Earth Box.
It's a little expensive, but worth it in the end (or so I've been told).

There are several different steps when putting it together but it is still pretty simple.
And, you can reuse it, year after year.  Just order the Replant Kit.
I can't wait to see how many tomatoes the plants in it produce, as opposed to the other container garden planters I used this year.
((PS - I didn't get the product for a review from Earth Box, I purchased it.  I just thought it would be fun to share a bit about it with you...))

I will share with you my results, as the tomatoes grow.
 Have you ever used one?  What were the results?

I hope you enjoy your Friday... I'm off to dig in the dirt!
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  1. I read somewhere that digging in the dirt somehow releases serotonin, the feel good hormone.

    1. I believe it! Digging in the dirt is therapeutic... :)