Thursday, May 28, 2015

Emergency Preparedness: Week 7 - Family Binder

 Just think of it... fire... flood waters... hurricanes... you name it... it's knocking at your door.
You can rest assured, anything that is left behind, will most likely be destroyed.

If you and your family had to evacuate, would you be able to put your hand on the information it would take to rebuild your life?


Easy fix!  I've created a fifteen page free printable to compile a family binder.  The idea is to organize your family's most important info, into one location, alleviating the stress of finding it all in an emergency.

What should you include in your binder?

1.  Emergency Contacts
I've created sheets for you to list your business associates' info, medical contacts' info, family and friends' info, school and daycare info, utility company contact info, and a miscellaneous sheet (for anyone else you may think of).

2.  Financial Info
Financial info you should include is your insurance information - company info, contact info, agent name, corporate and local office numbers, account number, etc.  It would also be wise to make a copy of your insurance info, and add it to your notebook.  Also, any bank accounts (routing number, account number, debit card info, contact name and number, etc).  Likewise, you should include any credit card accounts you have (number, contact info, etc.), and investments (401k, CDs, IRAs, etc.).  Just as you made copies of insurance info, a front and back copy of each card you have would be wise, as well.

3.  Insurance Information
Included in the printables is a home inventory sheet.  In addition to making a list of every valuable you own, take a picture of each item, and place the photos in your notebook.  

4.  Miscellaneous
I have included a "miscellaneous" section, for you to create a family emergency plan (where will you meet, how will you get there, who is responsible for what, etc.), add important websites/login info, and for you to create an evacuation checklist (to ensure that nothing of value is left behind, and all preparations are made as needed).

Other items that should be included in your binder, but are not included in the printable are:

-Copies of Vital Documents (Driver's License/State ID Cards, Social Security Cards, Bank Cards, Credit Cards, Military Records, Adoptions/Foster Records, Naturalization/Immigration Info, Church Records, Marriage License, Birth Certificates, etc)

-Medical Care Info (Care Directives, Power of Attorneys, Shot Records, Prescription Information, etc.)

-Legal Documents (Additional Power of Attorneys, Deeds and Titles (to your home, vehicle, etc.), Wills, Death Certificates, Leases, etc.

-Maps (If you need to evacuate, and are unable to use navigation/cell phone, a map will come in handy!)

-Photos (A current photo of each family member/pets will assist in finding missing family members, if needed)

-Cash  (An emergency stash of cash can always be handy, as you may not be able to access the funds in your bank account.)

***Additional tips - Keep your binder in a fire proof safe, so that it is not easily accessible and protected from elements.  
-To ensure that my binder lasts longer, I have inserted the printables into plastic sleeve covers. 
-When your binder is out of the safe, keep it with you.  If your important information is accessible to others, you run a risk of your identity and the identity of the ones you love being compromised.  DO NOT leave your binder unattended.

I hope you take advantage of this free printable.
I worked really hard on it... enjoy it!  Better to be safe than sorry, and I hope that it helps relieve some stress that you may face if you experience an emergency.

And, I would LOVE for you to pin the following image... share with friends... the more, the merrier!

Hugs to ya, and happy organizing!

*****DON'T FORGET!!***** - Next week is the last week in the Emergency Preparedness Series!  I will be hosting a linky party for you to share the ways you've prepared your family for an emergency, and I will be giving away a $50 Gift Card!

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