Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Emergency Preparedness: Week 5 - Sustainability

We aren't a wealthy family, by any means.  Truth be told, we really live paycheck to paycheck.

I stay home with the little one, while the hubby goes out and makes ends meet.

We are okay with that.  Our priorities just aren't in creating a nest egg.  We would rather make memories and ensure that our little one is cared for, than have a bulging bank account.

Unfortunately, it leaves very little wiggle room when it comes to my husband's paycheck.
Last year, right after we had spent money on Christmas, my husband was laid off.

It was almost like being in a car accident.... things flashed in a panic through my mind.

It wasn't memories from my life, though, it was all of the bills that we needed to pay, our mortgage...

How would we keep our heads above water?

It is a scary, scary situation.

Thankfully, side jobs began rolling in for my husband, and those paid the bills.
But, because we were not guaranteed a paycheck every week, we held tightly to the funds we were making, to ensure that the lights stayed on, we didn't lose our house, etc.

Food was an after thought.

This is an emergency that we rarely think about.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, man made disasters... that is what most people think first of when they are stockpiling for an emergency.

But - preparing for financial issues is also a necessity.

Thankfully, my husband is a sportsman, and our freezer was full of game that he had hunted.  My parents had a steer butchered, and our freezer was FULL.

My mom and I had spent the summer before canning TONS of fresh veggies that we had grown in the garden, so our pantry was stuffed.

AND - we had chickens in the backyard, so, eggs were plentiful.

If you really plan for an emergency by becoming self sustainable, who cares if something happens?
Your family will be cared for!

"Many sustainable practices pay dividends in a disaster. Bicycle transportation, gardening, water catchment, canning, solar power etc are all examples of activities which make communities better places to live AND make communities more self-relient when infrastructure and critical supplies are halted. Connecting the dots under the banner of community "resilience" should be a focus... If no disaster strikes, we are healthier and more connected . . . win win." (FEMA)

  Below I am sharing several links regarding sustainability...links that I think are great resources!

Misty Prepper - If you are interested in homesteading, having a farm with working greenhouse/garden/animals, you'll probably enjoy watching Misty Prepper's youtube channel.

Becky's Homestead - Becky worked in Corporate America.  One day she quit her job and sold everything she owned to pay cash for a small piece of land, built her own log cabin by hand, and is creating a homestead - debt free!  How cool is that?!

I have also created a fun board on Pinterest called, "Homesteading".

Prep for an emergency, y'all!


PS - Don't forget to create a post on how you're preparing your family for an emergency, and come back week 8 to link it up at the "Emergency Preparedness" linky party!  It'll be fun!

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