Monday, April 27, 2015

Through The Lens of My Camera....

 In Texas we have two seasons, winter and summer.  Even in April, you have to be careful what time of the day you venture outside.  If you head out in the afternoon, be prepared for heat.
We usually spend Sunday afternoon resting, then head out after five(ish).
Yesterday, as my husband was finishing up some chores in the garage, and my little one was riding her bike, I decided to walk around with my camera...


I was excited to see several tomatoes already showing up....
And blooms on another plant, promising more fruit, soon.


The butterfly bush has really shown out this spring... it is huge compared to last year.  I think it has found its happy place!

I love the glow of my new patio lights, just above the privacy fence.
It's nice to sit out on the patio after dark... It feels like you're sitting below a thousand fireflies...
makes for a perfect spring night!

Fingers crossed, those tiny little buds will soon be pears.... Lord willing, the squirrels won't beat me to them, this year!  Those pesky things!


A rusty old trailer that my husband has turned into a project.  I won't complain about his rusty projects, if he promises not to complain about mine! these rusty bed springs that I'm going to make into an arbor for some kind of climbing plant (I can't decide?  New Dawn Roses, maybe?)...

It's fun to wander outside, just as the sun is beginning to tuck away for the night, and to peek at the world through a lens.  

 It really is a beautiful place to be....
Hope you find time to hunt for pretties!


  1. Hey I have even seen those rusty old bedsprings used overhead in a patio setting....and attached to the side of an out building with support for climbing vines...[I just mad that one up-sounds doable though] and tell Karlee I've been looking for a noticeably old bike to PAINT PINK LIKE HER'S.

    1. How fun! Great idea for the bedspring trellis, and such a cute idea for the pink bike!!! I have an old one that I am going to paint aqua for my flower bed. Gary keeps trying to talk me into making it into a regular (rideable - is that a word?) bike, but I have been telling him that I NEED it for my flower bed... LOL!

  2. Your photos are lovely. Your daughter looks just like you. How about passion vine on the old rusty bed springs? Such an intricate flower and would make anything it climbs on look elegant.

    1. Ooohh! Passion vine would be pretty! I think that's what I'll do! Now, I just need to find some old posts to support it... Can't wait to create the little sitting area... :)