Thursday, April 30, 2015

Emergency Preparedness: Week 4 - Power

I've never been much of a girlie girl, especially since I've stopped working outside of the home and have a little one to keep up with.  I like to fix myself up a bit when I go out, but most days you'll find me in comfy clothes (jeans or yoga pants, and a tshirt or button down)... no fancy pants here.
I have naturally curly, wiry hair, and usually just go with it.  I add a little product right out of the shower, and let it air dry, cause the heat from hair dryers/etc. just make the frizz worse.
Messy buns are my best friend.

My days are crazy busy, so easy wardrobes and minimal beauty routines are a must!

I love to camp.  Probably because my morning routine is so basic.
BUT - I LOVE electricity.... my coffee pot needs it (and my friends and family need me to have my coffee), I like to run the ac y'all (in Texas, keeping your house at 75 degrees even requires the ac to run), and I like to have lights on (at night... I usually keep lights off during the day).
I also have a lot of food stored in the freezer...
You don't realize how much electricity you use (even if you are a no frills person, like myself), until it isn't working.

Unfortunately, one of the first things to go in an emergency is power.

Here are a few products to keep on hand and use to replace your power sources in the event of an emergency:
-Generator (it is so important to follow the manufacturer's instructions - these can be dangerous if not used properly)
-Batteries (we try to stockpile some of every size, just in case)
-Fuel For Your Vehicle (we try to fill up our car when it is down to 1/4 of a tank, especially in hurricane season)
-Car Cell Phone Charger (If you need to be on the road, or have an extra power source to charge your phone, you'll need this - your loved ones will want to hear from you if your area has a natural/man made disaster)
-Backup Light Source (My mom gave us these great flash lights for Christmas... no battery/electricity needed... also, candles, lanterns, etc... any kind of camping supplies are great to have on hand)

Remember, if your electricity goes out, you'll want to be smart about the backup power you use.
Keep items such as a hand held/hand crank can opener, the backup light sources suggested above, camp stove, wood and matches for fires, etc., so that you can use the extra power you've saved up (generator, etc) to keep things like freezers, water heaters, etc. running.
I hope these tips for keeping power in an emergency help!
Go stock up, y'all!
((PS - don't forget that I will be hosting a link party the last week of this series, for you to share some of your emergency provisions!))

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  1. So many great ideas...we have stocked up on most of them...but hope to add a generator! We have lost power in the past and it makes you realize what you need. Thanks so much for stopping by, Heather!

    1. Our list is ever growing, but it feels good to be slowly getting what we need. Thank you for visiting, too! Hope your weekend is going well!