Thursday, March 12, 2015

Grace in the Mundane

I've been praying about an opportunity to really share my heart... to really open up to my friends (you!)... 

I have noticed a common denominator in conversations with wives and moms.... Frustration.

We tend to be an "all or nothing" kind of creature.  If we can't do things exactly as we think we should, we tend to throw in the towel on the whole idea.  I've seen moms who are boastful about the lavish parties, clothing, activities, etc., that they provide for their families... and I've seen moms who bash those moms, saying that it is an action that is simply completed to compete with their peers - not something they are doing for their family, that sites like Pinterest are deceiving, and that those lifestyles are unattainable.  There, oftentimes, is no common ground.

The unfortunate problem in these scenarios is that we are comparing ourselves to man - not scripture that God has given as our guideline.

If you've never taken the time to read (and study on) Proverbs 31, I urge you to do so.  Honestly, even if you have, it is a passage that we should revisit, often.

The most important part of reading that scripture is that you apply it to your situation.  Many women work outside of the home.  I did so for several years.  It is often a necessity for your family, and you need to understand that Proverbs 31 applies to your life just as much as it applies to mine, as a stay at home mom and homemaker.

God gives great tasks to His children.  Just because we don't do things exactly as our peers do, does not mean that we are not fulfilling our calling, but it also doesn't give us the right to abandon our calling.

Enter - my latest project.

I am working on an ebook that will cover an array of topics, like:

Nothing says, "I love you," quite like a full belly!

I have found that keeping cleaning chores done around my house keeps everyone in good spirits.  I don't keep a perfectly clean house, mind you, but there is joy in cleanliness!  I'm also going to share some of my tips for making things simple.  "Work smarter, not harder!"

One of my loves is to grow fresh fruit and veggies for my family.  You may not be interested, but if you are - there will be a host of tips for growing a bountiful garden!

I gotta tell you.... chickens are therapy, y'all!  I so enjoy my happy hens, and I really enjoy the fresh eggs they provide for our family.  I'm happy to share some of our tips!

And, lastly, what I was talking about before....
Women need to be encouraged.  I think (hope) it will help to work through our struggles together... I don't plan to give advice, as much as I simply plan to be honest with you.  I pray that through the honesty of my struggles as a mom, wife, christian, you will be able to relate and be encouraged.

This is quite an endeavor, but I truly am so excited about what the Lord is doing.

I am ((hoping)) to have "Stringtown Home:  Grace in the Mundane" out as an easy to download ebook within the next few months.

Until then, I plan to gab a little on the blog, here...



  1. Why am I not surprised? You go for it girl!! Don't tell anyone but I am homebound today, SICK and in and out of bed to the lap top but when I threw back the covers and went to the kitchen to do my pill before lunch then drink and have my fluids...I was still here with you and the ideas churing...ended up on LGH making a draft for a project later..go read my sketchy draft notes title Sharing a Cuppa.

    Thanks for you inspiration..I am so amazed that you and I can do this with and for each other considering the MILES & DECADES BETWEEN US...JOY! joy!

  2. This is wonderful news, Heather!! So excited to hear you are doing an Ebook! It definitely sounds like one I would enjoy reading, too!! I can't wait to see how God has been working in your life. Good luck!! I'll be watching & waiting & praying the best for you as you work through this.
    Many blessings,

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers! This is a fun project for me. I'm trying hard not to neglect everything else to complete it! haha!

  3. Just found you... and reading back a little in the history. Looks to be a great read. :~) Looking forward to it...btw...I'm a new email subscriber