Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Good Day!

I love to garage sale... mostly because it is something that my husband enjoys doing, too.... 

my little one doesn't really mind, either!

Today was a good garage sale day....
I found some great, gourmet coffee...

Some fun Susan Winget canisters (I have an idea for these... can't wait to share it!)

...and a FABULOUS set of Pyrex nesting bowls.... I love the turquoise color.  This is the "amish" print... one I really am drawn to.

We found several other things, like some fun vintage glasses, a compost barrel, some vintage jewelry that I'll be selling, and some yummy smelling homemade bath salts. 

I do love the pieces that we bought, and I really enjoy finding treasures that others may consider to be "junk", but mostly, I cherish the moments and giggles with the ones I love (like when my hubby didn't see the cattle guard leaving one sale, and we looked like The Dukes of Hazzard, flying through the air!).

It was a good day, indeed!


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  1. My mom has a set of those mixing bowls. I always wanted a set like those, but could never find them.