Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It's That Time, Y'all!

EEEK!  I love this time of year!

I'll give you two guesses - what am I going to be doing the next couple of days?!

 I'm going to spend some time with my sister, mama, and granny!
We are canning tomatoes (pasta sauce, salsa, chili, soups, whole tomatoes, tomato sauce, etc.), pickles, strawberry preserves, snap beans, and more!
We will also be making freezer meals... 
I'm so excited!

It'll be a lot of work...

But, it's worth it!

Wish you could join me!



  1. Those look so yummy! I've never grown anything (except mold) or canned, but I'm anxious to learn. I can't wait to see all the goodies you make! :)

    1. It's so much fun... therapeutic for me! ha! && It's so much easier than you'd think. I've watched a lot of videos on youtube, but my Granny and Mama have been the best teachers. You should try it! It's fun!

  2. Oh my I remember those days with the Garden on hyway 2626 we had tomatoes 'coming out our ears'. I gathered and gathered by the 5 gallon bucket fulls and said "forget the selling..ppl just come get them for free;take them please then I would wash, slice, salt and pepper a huge platter full to take to church supper/dinner..never took any home. I think I have enough fresh fruit/veg photos in my stash on the computer to come up with some headers that wow me like your pictures!!

    1. I LOVE when I have enough to share... :) Last year, I gave away pasta sauce that I had canned, and I never imagined how excited friends would be when I gave it to them... makes all of the work - worth it! Can't wait to see your pics... I'm sure they're drool worthy,... your photos always are! <3 ya!