Friday, March 7, 2014

"My House Looks Like a Pigsty" Spring Cleaning Series- Project Clean Out The Spice Cabinet...

My mama used to exclaim, "This house looks like a pigsty!  Let's get it clean!" when I was growing up.

Anybody ever heard that saying?!


: a place where pigs are kept
: a dirty or messy place

Well, welcome to the "My House Looks Like a Pigsty" Spring Cleaning Series, here on Stringtown Home...

For a few weeks, I'll share a project that I'm doing to tidy up my home.... wanna join me?!  I'll explain more at the end of the post...


I've seen so many inspiring posts by bloggers on organizing your pantry and spice cabinet with glass containers.

Today was my day!

I didn't go buy any jars (I am going to order some smaller jars from Amazon for the spices that I don't have much of)... just pulled out the canning jars that are left from last years' canning and what we've used throughout the year.

Clean them well, and make sure they are really dry...
This is my pancake mix.  Some pancake mix is pretty simple - just add water.  But, because my mix had multiple ingredients needed to make the recipe work, I jotted it down on the back of the jar... I got this idea (sharpie on the jar) from Aunt Ruthie at Sugar Pie Farmhouse.

Wish I had taken a before/after photo, but I was so ready to get it done....

Here are a few pantries that are inspiring my pantry/cabinet organization project:

((PS -  Want to join me as I tackle the nooks & crannies of my home?  It's spring cleaning time, y'all!  If so, be sure to grab a spring cleanin' button below, and let me know when you share your cleaning posts - I want to visit & be inspired!  You can share, simply by leaving a comment or sending an email to me at

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  1. I'm sitting here with my coffee wondering what happened to my house this weekend. Weekends are hard on my house.

    And I need to clean my grout but I don't want to.

    1. OH! We used a fabulous grout cleaner from Lowes the other day... it has acid in it, so it's not something you'd want the kiddos around. Literally, it was the easiest that it's ever been to get it clean.. It's called Dupont Heavy Duty Acidic Tile Floor Cleaner (Heavy Duty).... So much less work.

  2. My mom used to say pig-sty all the time. This house looks like a pig-sty she would say. She still says it about her house, but I don't see it. If my house was as "messy" as her's, I'd be so happy. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

  3. On seeing the pictures in this post I believe that it will definitely works. Thanks for sharing this tips.