Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY Burlap Carrots

I know, I know... carrots = bunnies = Easter... which is 3 months away.
I got a wild hair.... or hare? Pun intended.
I was shopping at an antique mall with some girlfriends last Saturday, and I saw the cutest carrots!
...but, they were $12 a piece.
There was no way I could justify that with the hubby... So, I went on a mission... I wanted to make my own.
Lucky for me, between coupons and sales, Hobby Lobby had everything I needed, and it was discounted enough to cut the cost of the carrots in half. I could handle that.
Here's what I bought:
Supply list
The process is pretty simple... I cut the orange burlap ribbon in half, because I wanted the wraps around the carrot to be obvious... I started with a ring of hot glue around the roundest part of the cone, wrapped to the point, and back up again. Once I secured that first wrap with glue, I added a circle of orange burlap to the flat part of the cone. Then, I glued a couple of pieces of the greenery to the top. To cover the seam of the circle, I added another ribbon of orange burlap around the whole thing.
I purchased the wide weave, natural burlap, just in case I wanted to add a bow at the end. I didn't, but I may when I add the carrots to the center of my Easter table.
I put some raffia in the bottom of a basket, laid the carrots in, and voila! Cute as a button!
create a burlap carrot
I can't wait to add them to the center of my Easter table....
all in good time, Heather... all in good time.
burlap carrots in a basket www.stringtownhome
Hope you're enjoying your Saturday! I'm off to shop some garage sales/junk yards!

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