Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Vintage Inspired Third Birthday

Oh, heavens! This post has been a long time coming... I've got to be honest with you - I'm still recovering from this shindig! WHEW!
I need to begin by saying a huge, "THANK YOU!" to Gabbie from Southern Magnolia, Inc. for taking such awesome pictures at the party. You'll notice my watermark across the center of the picture, but that's only to ensure that Stringtown Home's copyright laws are applicable, and so that creeps don't steal my baby girl's pictures without someone noticing who they really belong to.... and all the mamas said, amen!
Here's a photo of Gabbie with my baby girl:
Gabbie and karlee
Many moons ago (before the blog went blinky on me), I posted a roundup of inspiring vintage themed parties..... my little one has an old soul... kinda like her mama. We're happier with a milk shake and the Brady Bunch than with new fangled, fancy things (I said that. new fangled, fancy things)
So, vintage we did! I chose a red and aqua/turquoise color scheme, just because I love, love, love the fifties/forties when everything was drenched in that color scheme.
Red and Aqua Vintage Birthday Party
This was the invitation...
Gabbie took pictures of the entire party, but we also set up a vintage inspired photo booth for the kiddos and families to take pictures... it was so fun!
Birthday Girl In The Photo Booth
There were props.. even an old fashioned coke!
Drinking an Old Fashioned Coke
Lots of cute props (found 'em at Walmart, y'all!) sat in a mason jar.Photo booth props in a mason jar on a chippy old table - Vintage Birthday Party -
My poor child... she assumes that all bows belong in the hair... haha!Three Is The New Black! -
Vintage hankies tied to a ribbon are perfect "party bunting"! Add those to a pallet, and voila! It's a vintage photo booth... great idea, Gabbie!
Vintage Themed Party - Photo Booth
We had a bounce house... it was worth every penny! As a matter of a fact, we had it for 24 hours, so the birthday girl got extra jump time. She was so excited when she woke up to find it was still in her backyard...
Bounce Houses are Great for Birthday Parties -
Lots of deco mesh..
Deco Mesh and balloons 

Deco Mesh Column 

deco mesh columns
...and ribbon, of course!
blue and red vintage birthday party
...and SO MUCH FOOD...
Glass cokes and paper straws Vintage Birthday Party
We served glass cokes, orange drinks, and rootbeer with paper straws..... and, there were peanuts for your coke, of course!
Vintage Birthday Party - Glass Cokes and Peanuts for your Coke
Vintage Birthday Party - Peanuts for your coke
Notice that chalkboard?! It's a vintage school slate... fun!
Horray for the apple pie!
And, you can't have a vintage party without apple pie!
We found mini apple pies at Walmart... so cute tucked into a black and white polka dot cupcake liner... so vintage!
Mini Apple Pies Vintage Birthday Party
And, punch... yummy, yummy punch. I'll share the recipe on the blog, this weekend.
Lemonade Punch 12 gallon HiC Lemonade, 1 3-Liter 7UP, 1 12 Gallon Cran-Apple Juice, Slice Lemons and float on top -
Floating lemons made the punch prettier, I thought.lemons for the lemonade
Fresh milk was served in front of a tin sign I found at Hobby Lobby... it read "Drink Fresh Milk"Milk Served in mini bottles and jars -
Vintage Birthday Party Table
A metal pie stand was painted red, and held all of the plastic plates, napkins, bowls, etc., and a bundle of vintage kitchen utensils were stacked together to create a cute little centerpiece.
Old Kitchen Gadgets Vintage Birthday Party 

Vintage Inspired Barbie Cake
The birthday girl requested that a barbie be on her cake, two weeks before the party. Well, y'all know I had already bought nearly all of my vintage decor before then. So, I contacted some of our friends who own a bakery, and begged them to make a barbie cake that would work with the theme... and they did it! Cute, huh?!
Chalkboard for the Candy Buffet - Vintage Birthday party
We also had an "Old Fashioned Candy Bar".... I bought the chalkboard sign at Hobby Lobby....Old Fashioned Candy Buffet -
There were Malted Milk Balls, Old Fashioned Candy Sticks, Mary Janes, Candy Dots, Long Boys, Moon Pies, and Sugar Sticks..Old Fashioned Candy is easy to find for a candy buffet at a Vintage Themed Party -
The Old Fashioned Candy Sticks were adorable stuck in a chicken feeder...
Old Fashioned Candy Sticks in a chicken feeder -
I stuck on an old vintage scale, just in case they wanted to weight their candy ;), and a yellow and white gingham fabric to add a little texture...
Old Fashioned Candy
We played games that seemed old fashioned... hopscotch, music circle, pin the tail on the donkey, etc...
music circle fun! - 

Old Fashioned Hop Scotch
I also had a cute little burlap flag made for the front yard...

 Vintage Birthday Party Decorated the Chandelier
It was such a fun day, and even though we were exhausted, it was all worth it...
Sweet Birthday Girl
... cause she'll only turn three once!
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