Thursday, September 5, 2013

Feature Me Friday - {19} Recipes That Are Sure to be a Hit at the Dinner Table

Today's Feature Me Friday post is a roundup that I've wanted to do for a while.... Every Tuesday there are some fabulous recipes that are linked up.
One thing I cherish the most about my childhood (even now when my little family can join in) were Sunday lunches at my Granny's house. Her tiny pier and beam country home was filled to the brim with love and laughter.... and yummy smelling food!
Today's roundup reminded me of those moments - moments around the dinner table with family.
These are hearty - rib stickin' - finger lickin' recipes that you are sure to love! Thank you all so much for sharing them with us!
chicken-tetrazzini-My Love for Words 
MexicanCasserole Daily Dose of Del Signore 
green chili enchiladas She Turned Her Dreams Into Plans 
Chicken Tacos Sara Howe 
tater-tot taco bake - she turned her dreams into plans 
Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken by Krysta Steen
Frittata 2 
Lasagna Soup by A Hooah's Wife 
Creamy Potato Soup by Mary's Kitchen 
Smoky Oven baked Chicken by Turtles and Tails 
Best Creamiest Mashed Potatoes - Prairie Girl to Southern Belle 
Southwestern Spaghetti by Sara Howe 
Garlic Basil Chicken & Veggie Kebabs by Sara Howe 
Slow Cooker Taco Soup by She Turned Her Dreams into Plans 
Stuffed Shells - 
I would love it if you would share this post on your Pinterest board, but please, if you do decide to pin, use the collage below. If you'd like to pin an individual recipe that is included in this roundup, please visit the originating site, and pin directly from there. You guys rock!
19 Recipes that are sure to be a hit at the dinner table -

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