Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Like... This Party Was Totally Awesome!!

Okay, everyone! Get your slap bracelets out, and use your scrunchies to put your ponytail up on top of your head, break out the hammer pants, and get those keds with neon shoestring to kickin'... things are about to get tubular, dude!
I'm so excited that Gabbie (from Southern Magnolia, Inc) was willing to share her daughter's 80's themed birthday party with us.
She didn't leave out a single detail!
80's themed party balloons -
80's theme party - vip tags www.stringtownhome.netShe had "VIP" tags for the kids to wear...
She did a photo shoot with her daughter (she's a photographer), printed out the photos on labels, and attached them to a cardboard lanyard.

80's themed party - VIP tag labels
How cute is she?! 80's fabulicious! 80's themed party - photo session
80's theme party - VIP tag name tags
80's theme party - guest book picture mat www.stringtownhome.netThe guests signed a photo mat for her keepsake. LOVE those neon 80's colored Sharpies.
And! That Rubik's cube with the cassette tape label! Adorable!
80's theme party food labels - www.stringtownhome.netShe also used them to label the food on the table. See those candy dots?! CUTE!
80s theme party - food table
80s themed birthday party - VIP stationGoodie BagsGlow Sticks
This table housed the signable photo mat, the VIP tags, and favor bags... 80's themed birthday party - friends sign photo mat,
80's themed party - neon cups and labels and silly string
A great thing to keep in mind when you are planning a party, is that you want to provide your guests with a way to label their drinks... it saves on cups, and helps prevent a stranger from drinking from your cup. Gross! She used the cassette labels on these neon plastic party cups, and they are adorable! :) 80's themed party drink labels -
She thought outside of the box when she created her cupcake "stand". She flipped her cake stand upside down, and filled it with 80's sunshades... OOOH My!
80's theme party cupcake tower -
80's theme party - cupcake holder
80's themed party cupcakes -
And... red punch... so 80's. Kool aid was a huge hit during that decade. As a matter of fact, it was so popular, the next decade (90's, yo!) came up with the saying, "Up in my Kool Aid". I know that was a piece of trivia you are all thankful you know, now. ((giggles))
80's themed birthday party - drink dispenser
And, every fabulous party needs a photo booth!
80's birthday party - photo backdrop
Look at that cute sign & those adorable props. ADORABLE!
80's themed party - photo booth props www.stringtownhome.netAnd, of course, no 80's party is complete without the subtle glow of a neon glow stick...
80's theme party glowsticks -
The most important part of the birthday party was that the sweet girl who was celebrating enjoyed every minute!
80's themed party -
See... I told you that it was an awesome party. Makes you want to bust out, doin' the hammer dance, right?!
Ice, ice baby...
Great ideas for a totally rad 80's birthday bash - www.stringtownhome{I think this party was absolutely adorable... and definitely think it is worthy of a pin to Pinterest! If you choose to share, please select the collage above, so that you can take a snippet of every picture with you.} Also, the photos were taken by and are property of Gabbie, owner of Southern Magnolia, Inc.
Please keep in mind that her copyright regulations, along with the copyright requests of Stringtown Home apply to each image.
If you have a party that you would like to share with Stringtown Home readers, feel free to email me at
sigAlso! Don't forget about next week's "Tips & Tricks" linky party. It will be hosted by Stringtown Home, Prairie Girl to Southern Belle, and Like Gramma's House. The theme for next week's party is "Paint", however, we welcome all entries! Hope to see you there!

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