Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A SpOoKy Shindig!

I shared this on my blog last year (hence the blogspot watermark), but it flew the coop with the other posts a few days ago... It was too cute of a party not to have it available for readers to see. One of my friends has a Halloween party every year for her little ones. It's so fun! She goes all out on decor and food, and the kids have a blast.


She had leaves, and pumpkins, and spider webs... Oh my!

halloween 1

Even the food was drenched with a spooky feel.... Eeeek!

table 2

She found these gooey, creepy candies at Walmart. They look like an experiment that a mad scientist would be working on...

table 3

Lime green & orange cupcakes.. .YUM!

table 4

Look at those cute little glitz and glamour pumpkins!

table 5Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks.. um.. yes, please!

She also had apple bobbing, a costume contest, a pie eating contest and a ghost pinata! So fun!



She had the lights dim with Halloween lights on the tables... CrEePy!


Easy and cheap DIY walkway lanterns - empty milk jugs with glow sticks... definitely added to the spookiness!


Cute, creepy party invitations...


My little Halloween kitty cat had a blast!

564886_3896298210589_400698392_nDry ice in the hot tub made a smoky, spooky back yard!

It was so much fun, and so spooky... A great way to spend time with friends on Halloween!

A Spooky Halloween Party for Kids

I hope you enjoyed looking at pictures from her Halloween party last year, and that you can use it to plan your own kid friendly spooky shindig!

So that you can remember the details from the party, I'd love for you to grab the collage above and pin it to your Pinterest board!

To see more of our Halloween and fall inspired pins, you can visit our board:


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